The perils of burning...

This poor practice is still sadly visible across many playing fields, with clubs wise to look beyond the initial cost and time saving, and consider the potential dangers and negative impacts. These include:

* Chemical-based (PA1/ PA6 required) - environmentally unfriendly

* Risk to players - (i.e infected wounds can leave clubs liable)

* Kills sward and cracks ground causing uneven appearance and increase likelihood of lower-limb injuries

* Over-marking ‘bleeds’ on mud with no grass leaf to attach to; reduces paint durability and line appearance

* Permanently ‘wonky’ and aesthetically poor, like this example (left).

Compare this to regular pitch maintenance and over-marking...

* Water-based, non-hazardous and safe

* Paint application sits on leaf, aiding durability (image, right)

* Maintains consistent surface levels for match integrity and reducing potential for injury

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